y o u   a r e   l i s t e n i n g   t o

t h e   h a p p y   m e d i u m s

c h a n n e l   [ a h e m . . . ]


the happy mediums
universal groove collective
is an ever-evolving, high-vibration musical ensemble
dishing up delicious downloads
fresh from the SuperFlow
to elevate all beings
in our hearts and other parts

the happy mediums
have been performing together
in various incarnations
touring numerous dimensions
for countless aeons

the stars finally aligned
for them to begin recording
on 3-dimensional media in 2001

their first studio album
in this universe-cycle
will be released sometime in this eon
on the nonprofit Earthville Music label

stay attuned...

if your inquiring mind wants to know when we flow, click here.

tune  in

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